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New Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring 8GB- A 3D Desktop in your pocket


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Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring is the brand new mobile 3D desktop that fits in your pocket. Flash was the first Linux USB Key on the market - the original and best!

Free shipping!

Included: a boot and restore CD

What's new?

  • The 4GB key has been replaced with a 8GB key!
  • You can use Mandriva Flash in its live version as a mobile desktop or to install Mandriva Linux in a few clicks on your personal computer
  • Codeina now allows you to manage the codecs
  • Ezboot has been enhanced to manage in a much easier way the Mandriva Flash boot
  • Mandriva Flash look and feel has been declined from successfull Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring design
  • A boot and restore CD is now included!

Discover Linux in a 8GB Flash!

  • Test-drive a real Linux desktop, save your documents and settings on the key. No need to install anything on your hard drive.


Mandriva exclusive migration tool makes it easy to import your documents and settings from Windows to Mandriva.

It will let you also read from and write to all your Windows drive - even NTFS drives - with no manual configuration.

Windows launcher.

As well as booting a full Mandriva environment from the Flash, you can plug in the Flash to a system running Windows, then use Windows versions of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird with your bookmarks and emails from your Flash system!

Mandriva is not only fast and small.

With it you can transform a PC in an impressive 3D desktop with lots of animations and effects.

Impress your friends and reveal the true possibilities of their system by plugging in your Mandriva Flash desktop.

With its advanced hardware detection and fine tuning of all the latest 3D technologies, Mandriva Flash will choose the best options for you. See the 3D rotating cube to change your workspaces, add a wobbly effect when you move your windows, or enjoy smooth transitions when a new window appears on your screen.

Impress your friends with your mobile 3D desktop.

Enjoy the latest 3D desktop technology while on the move, and show your friends what their machine can really do with Linux.

Stay connected. Wherever you are.

Whatever the type of available link, Mandriva Flash connects you with your friends, mail, music and online life.

Offer Linux to the one you love.

Protect your loved one from viruses and malware, offer them freedom of choice and the desktop of the future in a small, high-quality USB key.

Services: one month web support through Mandriva Expert.

You can use the Mandriva Flash in the following languages: English - French - German - Italian - Spanish - Bokmaal - Finnish (Suomi) - Nynorsk - Polish - Portuguese - Portuguese (Brazil) - Russian.

Pre-order now! Delivery time 10 to 15 business days.

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